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esperanza2006's Journal

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Ohio! {good Morning}I am Esperanza2006, a Phantom and Christine obsesser I had loved the characters in the movie!! they were spectacular. I have never seen a stage phantom before!its kind of sad really but I love the paring in the movie and I am very proud so many fans of the movie love E/C and not R/C

To tell of you the truth I hate The R/C paring its dum!! the raoul is a fop!
just like Erik said.

Not only do I love The Phantom of the Opera I love other movies too.

I shall list some..

The Queen: played by Helen Mirren

The Mummy:Stars Brendon Fraiser.
The Mummy Returns: played by a different actor yet it is sad i dont know the names!

The Devil wears Prada: stars Anne Hathaway and Myral Streep

I have alot of other movies but I will not list them all. not only this but i am an Anime freak too.i love Anime!!

I collect various types of manga {mostly Shojo Beat}

Here they are..

Skip Beat by Yoshiki Nakemura

short synopsis: Kyoko follwed her true love sho to Tokyo to support him as he made it big as an idol. But now Sho castes her out. but Kyoko wont suffer in silence she will get her revenge on Sho by beating him in his own game SHOBITZ!!but what will happen when REN Tsuruga gets in the way!!

Godchild by Kaori Yuki

short synopsis: Deep on the heart of london a young nobleman named Cain walks the shawdey streets in which he was born into. His cursed name was given to him by his father.Cain's father faked his death and became a leader of a cruel organization. Cain had indured alot of pain and suffering by his father.{his father whipped his back}but along with his cursed name, Cain must solve mysterious murders that seem to follow him were ever he goes.

Absolute Boyfriend by Yuu Watase

short synopsis: Riiko Izawa a young girl goes online and and signes up for a "nightly lover figure" the next day he showes up at her door and wants to be her boyfriend.Riiko has died and gone to heaven, she nicknames her new lover. "Night" and then trouble starts. Riiko's nextdoor neightbor Soshi,is suspicous of Night,what will happen if Soshi finds out that night is a doll? what will Riiko do? will Riiko and Night ever make love?

Punch by Rie Takada

short synopsis:Elle a young girl wants nothing to do with martial arts. Her grandfather makes her get betrothed to an upcoming fighter from is own gym{Ruo M Eschuck} Elle hates it and does not want to marry him. when Elle meets a street fighter,(Kazuki Shindo}she beggins to fall for him, Elle loves him. now how will Ruo react to this news?

Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino

short synopsis:Cross academy is attended by two types of students the day class and night class.the night class has a secret that the day class doues not know it entirly consists of vampires.Yuki Cross and Zero Kiru are the guardians of the school, they protect the night classes secret. But what Yuki douesn't know is that Zero is a vampire. Yuki was saved from a vampire attack 10 years ago Kaname the head of the Vampires is secretly in love with Yuki and yuki loves Kaname too. Kaname saved Yuki and stayed at the school to protect her.

Kaze Hikaru by Taeoko watanabe

short synopsis: this story is about a young girl who goes into the japanese millitary. she pretends to be a boy her entire family was merdered and she now is on a long jouney to avenge their deaths.

La corda de oro by Yuki Kure

short synopsis:Kohako is a nomal girl who goes to a normal school. she douse not know anything about music whatsoever but she finds a fairy that grants her a magic violin and she gets to participate in the music school competition? will it work out or will kohako drop out??
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